Did you know there are "innocent words" you
can slip into anyconversation that will instantly get a girl thinking about sex?

These words tap directly into a girl’s "reptilian brain" and instantly send a surge of
desire through her entire body.

It’s unconscious and AUTOMATIC.

She can’t help getting turned on. It’s like you flip a switch inside her
head and get her fantasizing about having sex with you.

They are so powerful because you can use them in a regular conversation to automatically plant the idea of sex in a girl’s mind.

And once that idea is planted, her imagination does all the work. She thinks sleeping with you was her idea. In fact, most of the time she’ll make the first move.

Its like she becomes obsessed with the idea of having sex with you.

The best part is, on the surface these words appear totally innocent but when used in rapid succession, she will get hornier and hornier whether she wants to or not

These "Innocent" Words Tap Into:

  • Erotic Fantasies
  • Secret Fetishes
  • Raw Sexual Tension That Naturally Exists
  • Hidden Desires That all Girls Crave
  • Awakens an Intense Sexual Arousal
  • Focused On You

How These Words

Can Get You Laid

Have you ever smelled a certain perfume, and it just made you HORNY?

Well, that’s what these words are like for most girls… the sneaky part is, since you’re the guy she’s talking to she associates that feeling of being turned on to YOU.

Here is a fact

Women LOVE feeling horny. And when she feels horny around you, she will do just about anything to sleep with you.

And the best part is…

Because these words are completely "innocent" you can easily slip them into a conversation…

While casually chatting with a girl at work or school

On a date with a girl

When you’re hanging out with a female friend

Talking to a girl at a bar or club

You can even use them to instantly capture the attention of a hot waitress or bartender.

You can even use them to instantly capture the attention of a hot waitress or bartender.

"I Used These Words to
Finally F*ck My Female Friend Chrissy…

I was sitting on the couch with her…Something we’ve done dozens of times before. Except this time it was different. She sort of laid back on the couch and rested her legs on me. She was wearing shorts and she was rubbing her bare skin against me. Finally, I gathered up the courage and put my hand on her leg. She took my hand and slid it up her thigh until my fingers were rubbing against her soaking wet panties…"

Words That Make Her

Want F*CK You

Rob Judge and I have created this special report where you’re going to discover what these words are, and how to slip them into any conversation and create heart pounding desire in the girl you’re talking to.

The 66 words in this report were chosen carefully, and for good reason.

Rob Judge and I (as well as many of our former students) have learned that certain words-when used correctly- "trigger" a woman’s sexual desire.

And countless guys have already gotten girls soaking wet by whispering these words in girls’ ears.

Its all about using the RIGHT WORDS. Words that jump start desire.

In the
Sexual Trigger Words
report we’ll show you

  • All 66 Trigger Words (with examples of how to use them)
  • Exactly how to naturally slip them into a conversation,
  • The Six Types of Words and When to Use Each One
  • How to combine certain words and phrases together for even faster results.

This 64 page report includes the exact words, and
everything we’ve learned about using them in every day
conversation to spark intense sexual desire.

No fluff and NO B.S.

Here’s Just a Little Bit of
What You’ll Discover

How to use these words to appear as part of the "in crowd" of sexually experienced guys that women instinctually want to f*ck

  • 11 "playful" Trigger Words to create the initial comfort level necessary before she allows herself to get completely turned on, while playfully bringing sex into the conversation
  • "There’s just something about him": How to plant these words into her mind without her having any clue you were ever trying to seduce her
  • 13 "sexually suggestive" words that up-the-ante with the sexual undertones of the conversation
  • Why the SUBTEXT of the "word" is the most important element. And how to send the exact message about yourself you want to convey
  • 15 "sexually inviting" words to introduce into the conversation once you’re ready to close the deal
  • Create intense sexual tension by introducing words, then going back to neutral conversation leaving her mind completely pre-occupied on sex
  • 27 more "sexually arousing" words that create a powerful pull towards your bedroom & will have her desperate to sleep with you without really knowing why she’s so horny for you


These Words…

After the whole 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon I began to really dig in and try to discover exactly why so many women were obsessed with Literotica.


And what I discovered was there were a lot of innocent, every day words that carry heavy sexual undertones. These are words that quickly and reliable make women wet.

Literotica is a billion dollar a year industry. Which means the publishers of these books have turned discovering exactly what turns women on into a precise science.

And remember, all these books have to work with are WORDS.

It may sound far-fetched. But specific words can do more than you ever imagined.

This is because these words slip right past her defenses. These words, if you use them right, are like the switch that turns girls on.

Added Benefits of These

Sexual Trigger Words

And what’s cool about that is – a lot of women are looking for casual sex buddies in between boyfriends. And you become the guy they’re texting "are you home" on Friday night.

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"Sex on the First Date, TWICE Now…

Before I learned these words almost every one of my dates ended with me trying to get a good night kiss. Most of the time I got the cheek. And worse, I almost never got a second date. In the past week I’ve met two different girls off of Tinder. You guys didn’t mention this but I added a couple of these words to my profile bio. You might want to recommend that to your other students. I think that helped. And than throughout our date I would keep slipping them into the conversation. Needless to say, both girls wound up spread naked on my bed.
Thank you guys."


11 "Lucky Lines" To Use on Women


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In this exclusive bonus from Rob Judge opens up his own personal tool box and reveals 11 of his all time favorite lines to use on women. These are NOT pick up lines. These are comments, questions, and statements he uses with girls he’s talking to create attraction, chemistry, and connection.

After going on hundreds of dates and sleeping with dozens of women, Rob chose the eleven lines he uses most often to help him get laid.


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P.S. You don’t have to memorize some sort of progression of pick-up lines and you don’t have to try to be someone you are not.

You can use these words and get a girl lusting after you by simply switching a few of the words that come out of your mouth.

I said this earlier, but I’ll say it again here: girls get turned on as easy as guys do. And they appreciate a man that came make her horny.
These words, if you use them right, are like the switch that turns girls on.

So with these words you can just be yourself, and forget about all those traditional seduction methods that girls are looking out for (and defending against).

After going on hundreds of dates and sleeping with dozens of women, Rob chose the eleven lines he uses most often to help him get laid.