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to Read a Woman's mind...

And Know Exactly What She’s Thinking, Predict Her Every Move, Pass All Her Secret Tests, Kiss Her with Ease, Get Her Back to Your Bedroom, Have Her Begging to Be Your Girlfriend… & Finally Escape the Friend Zone

By Bobby Rio
Co-Creator of: 88 Ways to Read a Girl’s Mind

Did you know that in the past 7 days at least three different women were trying to get your attention and let you know they were interested?

These were women who were hoping you started a conversation with her, asked for her number, or even tried to kiss her.

Often it’s the women you least expect; a female friend, a hot co-worker, the girl who was standing just a tad bit too close to you at the bar, or even a random waitress or cashier who you mistakenly thought was just being "friendly."

How about THIS…

Did you know there is certain specific things girls say to let a guy know that she wants to sleep with him THAT NIGHT? And that just recognizing these comments will lead to a lot more sex… a lot faster.

Well, they don’t say it directly, of course. But she will slip innocent comments into a conversation and hope that you’re socially intelligent enough to decode them… most guys aren’t.

But the few who do are the guys you see leaving the bar with the hot, horny girls at the end of the night.

What Does It Mean When She Doesn’t Text You Back?

Let’s talk about a girl you’re already dating… What does it really means when she doesn’t call you back, ignores a text, or takes forever to respond to you?

A lot of time guys will quickly assume that a girl isn't interested, but often times she was “testing you” by playing hard to get and seeing how you respond.

Women use sneaky tests to size you up, they speak in a secret code language, where sometimes no means "no"- and sometimes no means "yes".
Sometimes a touch on the arm means "I’m too comfortable with you and see you as a brother."… Other times a touch on the arm means "I want you to KISS ME now."

The only difference is a subltle shift in her gaze, but when you know what to look for, you can spot it immediately.

And its easy once you know what to look for.

Is a Female Friend Falling for You…

Have you ever had a woman over-exaggerate her disinterest in you? Chances are she was VERY interested. Or did you have had a girl accuse you of being a "player" or an "asshole"? Yep. VERY interested.

Has a female friend ever suddenly started acting distant around you? If so, that’s the first clue she is falling for you… the second clue is even more POWERFUL (keep reading)…

For years, only a select few men have understood this behavior, and these are the men who have reaped all the sexual rewards.

And women like it this way.Because if you’re not socially intelligent enough to read her signs, then you’re probably not worth sleeping with anyway.

Weird Female
Behavior Decoded…

I’m telling you this to illustrate a point: Most guys think women are too complicated. Most guys go through life frustrated and confused because they have no clue what is running throug a woman’s mind.

And worst of all, most guys blow it with girls every single day because you miss the girl at the bar signaling you to talk to her, the co-worker waiting to be asked out, or the female friend who has been practically begging you to finally kiss her.

Well, I want to make sure you NEVER miss one of these opportunities again. And help you understandd what’s really going through a woman’s mind.

Complete Mastery of
the Female Mind…

Twelve years ago I began a journey deep inside the twisted world of the female mind.

And I'm not talking about sitting behind a desk reading a book. I'm talking about getting a real world education.

And I have uncovered a very real set of signals.

Actually a better word is "patterns." When you have observed and interacted with thousands of women, you begin to pick up on very distinctive patterns. These patterns allow you predict what a girl’s thinking, and know exactly what she wants you to do.

In fact, it begins to feel like you can read her mind.

Simple and Innocent 'Tricks' That Reveal What She’s Secretly Thinking…

It’s not just about passively recognizing patterns. Its about using subtle little "tests" that reveal what she’s thinking. Its about knowing the different ways girls will respond to these tests and what each of these responses mean.

For instance, there are innocent questions you can ask a girl, and her response, will instantly tell you whether you’re in the friend zone or if she’s waiting for you to kiss her.

There is a "sneaky one word text" you can send, and how a girl responds to this text immediately tells you how likely you are to sleep with her.

Sometimes I’ll mass text this to multiple girls at the same time. I wait to see who responds, and those are the girls I know I should follow up with FAST.

There are gestures you can make, words you can say, and clues you can listen for that allow you to read a woman’s mind.

And I want to
share this information with you.


88½ Ways to
Read Her Mind…

I’ve created this special "user manual" to the female mind where you’re going to learn exactly how to spot patterns, give tests, and recognize the signals that are going to get her back to your bedroom.

I’ll show you how to quickly size a girl up, determine how likely you are to sleep with her, the odds of making her girlfriend, and even how to pin-point other things about her like how good she’ll be in bed, how faithful she’ll be, is she lying to you?

The 88 and ½ Ways we cover in this "user manual" condenses down everything we’ve learned about reading a girl's mind in an easy to follow manual.

Here’s small taste of what you’ll discover…

When She Goes from
Acting Hot to Cold…

How would you like every subtle gesture explained so you never feel frustrated or confused. And you always have the “upper hand” with any girl you’re dealing with. We’ve uncovered all the “weird” female behavior.

What it really means when she doesn’t call you back, ignores a text, or takes forever to respond to you…
(HINT: sometimes she’s playing hard to get… sometimes she’s just not interested- THIS is how you tell the difference.)

The silent clue girls give off when she’s falling in love with you

Decode her texts – how to ‘read between the lines’ of every text she sends

She goes from HOT to COLD: One minute she’s super attracted to you… the next minute she acts like you’re not even alive… USE THIS quiz to find out what happened… (And what your next move should be)

How she responds to this one word "INNOCENT" TEXT secretly reveals her feelings about you (send it, then sit back and wait – the results are nearly 100% accurate)

Gut feelings about her you should NEVER ignore

Girlfriend Habits: When she starts doing any of THESE things it means she thinks she’s your girlfriend (even if you haven’t had the conversation yet)

When she acts WEIRD around you- there is "good weird" and "bad weird" and we explain the difference…

Discover all 88 Mind Reading Secrets Now…

Or keep reading…

Am I in the Friend Zone… Or Is She’s
Waiting for Me to Make a Move…

to get her to confess her TRUE feelings
(& have her think it was her idea)

Let me tell you something about the friend zone. And this is important so pay close attention:

Even when you’re in the friend zone there will be moments when her "attraction" is SPIKED. There will be moments where she is second-guessing herself. There will be moments when she finds herself horny as hell for you.

This is why you’ve got be able to know what she’s thinking, to read all her signals, and to ACT FAST when the opportunity arises.

The Friend Zone Test

Before you make your move use THIS TEST to avoid getting the awkward friend zone speech.

4 tricks to get her to confess her TRUE feelings
(and have her think it was her idea)

Does she touch you?

YOUR HANDS: Why THESE are your biggest weapon in reading her mind… (And how to use them to uncover how she really feels about you- without her realizing what you’re doing)

If she does THIS… stop talking and KISS her immediately (If not, you’ll ruin the moment and look socially clueless)

BEWARE this subtle move … she’s silently telling you she’s uncomfortable and you’re starting to appear CREEPY.

Freaky signs a "female friend" is falling for you (clue #1: she seems distant all of a sudden. Clue #2….)

When her compliments mean you’re in the friend zone… THESE type of compliments are NOT a good sign

Discover all 88 Mind Reading Secrets Now…

Or keep reading…

Does She
Want Me to Approach Her?

verywhere you go there are girls actively trying to get you to approach them and start a conversation. The clues are all there. Now you can finally recognize them.

How to develop a "Filter Mechanism" so you can zone in on the girls that want you to approach them. And avoid the ones likely to reject you.

7 "Approach Me" Signs nearly all guys miss. Spotting these signs is the difference between going home alone OR waking up naked in bed next to a young hot girl.

She’s giving you PICK UP LINES- 5 things girls will do so that you have something to say to them (never again let a girl slip by because you can’t think of anything to say)

6 Things all girls are pre-programmed to notice about you

INSTANTLY- these things can make you or break you so you MUST be aware of them….
(And use them to your ADVANTAGE)

Does eye contact
= attraction?


Sometimes, it all depends on how her body is positioned.
THIS is what to pay attention to…

When she walks past you, look for THIS CLUE that lets you know if she wants you to talk to her…
(When you notice it- approach IMMEDIATELY and she feel like you just read her mind)

The clumsy mistakes 90% of all men make when they get THIS SIGN…

Discover all 88 Mind Reading Secrets Now…

Or keep reading…

Is She Flirting with Me?
Or Just Being Friendly…

The Female Brain explained – Girls are wired differently than guys and that is why most guys MISS every sign she’s sending. We’ll take you on a quick trip into the female mind so you know exactly how to steer a conversation… and when to walk away.

NEVER walk away from a girl who’s giving you these 3 SIGN (she’s practically begging for you to ask for her number)… yet most guys completely miss them.

Sneaky "tests" girls use to Size You Up (most guys completely fail them but when you’re prepared for them it puts you in total control)

30 Second Trick to know exactly how much CHEMISTRY a girl feels towards you. (Its so SIMPLE yet reveals so much)

Is She Just a Tease? These 3 signs together almost always means she’s an attention seeking tease… don’t waste your time she’s just an attention junkie.

The #1 WORST thing to do when a girl calls you a "player", "jerk" or "asshole" … she’s TESTING you and THIS is how you should respond.

Steal this trick- Next time you’re talking to a girl and you’re wondering if she’s attracted to you… DO THIS… within 15 seconds you’ll know how much she’s into you. (The best part is its completely under her radar)

when she wants you to kiss her…

The Window of Opportunity: Why you must act FAST when a girl displays interest, or forever be banished to the friend zone prison, or worse, have her think you’re too shy (or gay) to make a move…

Discover all 88 Mind Reading Secrets Now…

Or keep reading…

Does She
Want to Have Sex with Me…

How to detect HORNY GIRLS who want sex now- The subtle things girls to let guys know
she’s down to get dirty THAT NIGHT… knowing this will lead to A LOT MORE SEX a lot faster.

Is she ready for SEX?
Ask THIS series of three innocent questions that quickly discover if she’s ready to have sex with you… Her answer to the third question is a SURE FIRE clue she wants to have sex with you… and its time to act NOW.

The surprising TOUCH that almost always means you’re gonna get lucky later…

This ONE signal displays more SEXUAL INTEREST than ANY other sign she sends…
here’s the weird part- sometimes she can appear totally "disinterested" but if she’s sending
this signal she’s TURNED ON – BIG TIME.

Could she be a closet slut? The foolproof sign…

4 signs
she’s looking to get laid

why end the night with a hug or a handshake when she clearly wants to go home with you? Don’t miss these signs…

Is she faking orgasms? You’ll learn how to tell if it’s REAL…

  • How dirty is her mind? Use this technique to quickly "gauge" how sexual she’s willing to get with you… (Without seeming creepy or perverted)

    What is she thinking during sex? Pay attention to THESE 3 things and you’ll know if you’re satisfying her…

  • Naughty Party girls: how to INSTANTLY spot them, and take advantage before some other guy has all the fun.

    The weird reasons she’ll act tired. HINT: one of them is bad… the other means she’s ready to sleep with you…. Learn the subtle ways to tell the difference.

  • The Blockbuster Preview Kiss: This is a ballsy move that lets you judge her interest level… while also massively SPIKING HER ATTRACTION toward you.

  • The Morning After: Signs she REGRETS hooking up with you (and was only looking for a one night stand)


And so on… and so on. Do you see?
88 Ways to Read Her Mind shows you how to do everything right:
Recognize her signals. Pass her tests. Gain the upper hand. Get more phone numbers.
More dates. Go for the kiss at the right moment. Get her back to your bedroom with ease.

See for yourself how getting a glimpse into the female mind opens up a
world of possibilities for your dating life.

Discover all 88 Mind Reading Secrets Now…

Or keep reading…

The Boldest
Guarantee In The World…

100% Guarantee you’ll love this or I’ll return your investement and let you keep the manual anyway.

So you can go through the manual, begin spotting the signs, using the subtle “attraction tests”… and never worry about blowing an opportunity with a girl who’s hungry to sleep with you ever again.

If any time over the next 60 months you don’t feel like you’re able to predict a girl’s behavior and read her mind, just email me and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.

How’s that for fair?

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Here’s something you might not have known:
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Walking into a party, spotting the girl that is secretly sending you signs, and taking her home that night (barely putting in an ounce of effort.) Noticing that a female friend has suddenly become horny for you and feeling confident enough to pull the trigger and finally kiss her (without second guessing yourself.)

Recognizing that a girl you’re dating is "testing you" and being able to handle it perfectly and have her falling more and more in love with you

Finally asking out that co-worker without worrying about rejection or things getting awkward because you KNOW for certain she wants you too.

PS : In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

You’re getting over 88 proven ways to read a girl’s mind and reveal exactly what she’s thinking. Which you can use to spot girls who want to sleep with you, find out if you’re in the friend zone, or just impress your friends by only approaching the girls likely to say yet (there’s a lot more of them than you.)

Just using one of these tricks can mean the difference between going home alone, or with a hot horny girl.

I’m also giving you an hour-long video training that outlines 7 of my favorite ways to go for the kiss without things getting awkward or risking a cheek turn or “lets just be friends speech.”

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