How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Bugatuga_Bartender_4The most obvious sign a girl likes you is if she kisses you. Barring that, there are numerous ways to tell whether she wants to be close or whether she’d rather not ever see you again.

But most guys want some type of an indication of interest before they move in for the kiss. There’s nothing worse than being shot down when you go in for the big smooch.

But how exactly can you tell if a girl likes you before that first kiss?

One step that should almost always occur before that first kiss is a little bit of non-threatening, but sexy touching. What I mean by that is a way of touching a girl that speaks volumes. With just a touch or two you should be able to convey several messages to the girl. Those messages include letting her know you are interested in her for more than a platonic friendship, that you are a confident and secure guy, and that you know what women want and are able to provide that for her.

Boy, that sounds like a heavily loaded message to be broadcast with just a simple touch, but that’s exactly what it can do.

It’s also known in the dating world as Kino, which basically means the art of touching with the intention to attract and seduce.

So if you learn how and when to touch a girl, you will be able to get a fairly good indication of whether she likes you. The art of Kino can be studied, but remember it is a non-sexual touch that is actually sexual. That means not groping a girl’s chest or butt, but rather a light touch on her lower back as you steer her through a crowd, or a gentle touch upon her arm to get her attention, or even brushing a stray strand of hair back from her face.

Using this type of touch and then observing her reaction will be a surefire sign of whether she likes you or not.

If you lightly guide her through a crowd by having a touch on her lower back, she will either allow it and be open and responsive to you, or she will do everything she can to get your hand off her and then will subsequently act cold and stand offish. You’ve done nothing wrong (if you’ve kept your hand above the belt, so to speak) and you will be able to read whether she likes you or not simply by her response to this touch.

The same goes with lightly tracing your finger on her palm. If she pulls away and turns away form you. She’s not comfortable.

And by the way, all these signals need to be observed, but not necessarily taken as rules written in stone. For instance, if you are lightly stroking her palm and she pulls away, keep watching and see if maybe you initiated touch too soon. It could be that she likes you, but you touched her too soon and needed to develop more attraction and comfort first.

So while Kino is useful to help determine whether a girl likes you, make sure you know enough about it to touch her the correct way and at the correct time.

The most important thing to remember in learning signs of whether a girl likes you, is that no one sign is a for sure thing. Instead, look for different signs, like puzzle pieces that add up to a sure conclusion for you.

More Signs A Girl Wants You to Kiss Her

This video explains the signs she wants to be kissed.

One of the things that most people don’t talk about is that there are active “tests” you can use to read her mind and figure out what she secretly thinks about you.

These tests can be as simple as asking her an “innocent question” and see how she responds.  There are also compliments that you can give her to see what she says.  The answer she gives to these questions and compliments will reveal her feelings about you.  This works even if she’s trying to hide her feelings for you.

A lot of guys also don’t realize that attraction isn’t black or white.  This means that a girl’s opinion of you can change frequently.  If you’re not constantly doing things that make her feel attraction for you it can diminish.



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