Let’s think back to the last time you had sex…


Did you fuck her brains out?


Did she scream in pleasure?


were things a little bit quiet. Awkward perhaps?

And maybe for her… a little bit boring!

If so. There’s a simple solution to your problem…

A secret you’ll hear about in this letter that you can use to
turn a girl on so much before and DURING sex…

She’ll orgasm so powerfully she’ll think you’re THE god of sex.


Have YOU guessed
what this secret is yet?

The Secret is... Dirty Talk.


And here’s why you might be having a problem with this. You see, like me, you were probably raised to be a gentlemen. A kind and respectful human being.

So, it’s no wonder that the idea of calling a woman
"A filthy little SLUT!"

Might make you feel a little uncomfortable.

You see, we’ve all been brainwashed to believe girls don’t love sex. And get offended by dirty talk.


But this completely untrue…

Because while us guys only need a good visual and some friction to get off.

Women actually NEED to be turned on mentally before they can have sex.

And what’s the quickest and easiest way to turn
on a girl mentally?

That’s right... TALKING DIRTY!

Believe it or not, women actually

LOVE DIRTY TALK But Only IF You Know The Secrets To Making It Work...

And here-in lies the rub.

You can’t just call a woman a dirty bitch and expect her to become horny.
In fact, if you just randomly did that, you’d probably just get slapped in the face, right?

So, HOW do you make dirty talk work?


Exactly how do you go about telling a woman you really like that you want to…

Bend her over your kitchen table…and fuck her like a whore!


How do you tell her, without offending her, that you want her to:

...,"go down on her knees right now and SUCK your dick like a good girl!"

Without her feeling degraded and
without YOU feeling weird or self conscious about it?

To fully answer this question I felt it was crucial
you hear the answer from a woman.


Because, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from coaching hundreds of guys
over the last 15 years, it’s that, if you’re having trouble using Dirty Talk…

... your real problem isn’t actually what to say.

Its removing the irrational "fears"
from your mind about how she
might react.

Your fears over how she might "freak-out" if you start telling her all
the dirty things you want to do to her.


Because the truth is…

… until you remove this "brainwashing" that 90% of all men have by the way... no list of "dirty words" is ever going to help you from having boring underwhelming sex.


And this is why I recently LIVE Interviewed One of The World’s Top Female Dating Coaches For You (Jessica J)
So You Could Hear & See Her Personal Reactions To Your

Nastiest Dirty Talk Questions img

So You Can See What Really Turns A Woman On In Bed...


Now, I’ve known Jessica for a few years now.

And the reason I chose Jessica for this program is because quite frankly, most
women are totally clueless when it comes to describing what turns them on in bed...

… But Jessica happens to be extremely good at it.

And the reason for that is because Jessica has been successfully coaching men
on how to use
Dirty Talk to drive women wild in bed for almost a decade.


Her track record is proven, and she’s also the resident dating coach and host of Playboy Radio show, The Couch, where she assists men, women, and couples in problematic areas within their sex & dating lives.

Put simply, she’s the best person to teach you.

We gathered up the most common questions and struggles that men face talking dirty and and I got her answer them in the most honest straightforward way possible.

And it turned out to be one of the most hilarious, and
transformative videos on
"dirty talk" ever to be released.

Every one of my students who has watched it so far has called it
"the most powerful, action packed, and down right hilarious programs on
Dirty Talk they’ve ever seen."

The program is called:

Say This:

Talk Dirty & Turn Her On

& Get her To Do The Things
You’ve Always Wanted…


And in this incredible video series you’ll hear me and Jessica go into depth about:

Become A

Dirty Talk MASTER

& Talk Dirty and Turn
Her On Within the Next 60 Days

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Free : Bonus

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Now, even though, you won’t actually NEED these lines if you follow jessica’s advice in this video... (She actually shows you how to tap into your “inner monologue” so you never run out of dirty things to say in bed.

… I’ve had so many people email me, or tell me in person that they’d still like some proven and tested lines to use as like “training wheels” until they feel fully comfortable using their own “dirty talk”.

So, I’ve put together this special 7 page booklet for you, FULL of dirty talk lines you can have right now.

In it, you’ll discover

  • 13 PRESEX lines for easing her into a sexual mood. (Pre-sex lines are flirty enough that she’ll get the point, but safe enough that she won’t be shocked out of the mood.)
  • Plus 38 HARDCORE LINES for making her hornier wetter and begging for sex. (The more confidence and dominance you express with these lines through your voice and body language, the hornier you’ll make her.)
  • Plus 13 SOFTCORE LINES These are a lot like hardcore lines, but with one major exception: the majority of descriptive details are absent. These lines are much more vague and up to her interpretation, which in many ways makes them EVEN SEXIER and may turn her on MORE than their hardcore counterparts.

And LOTS more!

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And with a 10-hour minimum consulting fee, payable in advance, you have to write a $5,000 check to hire me. Or Jessica, I understand that’s a BIG investment for most guys.


In “SAY THIS : TALK DIRTY & TURN HER ON”, you get a proven formula for turning on
women with words. And it won’t cost $5,000 … or $500 … or even $100
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$59     ONLY $19

And that’s the investment you make only if this program succeeds at helping you use “Dirty Talk” to drive women wild in bed within the next 60 days …

If it doesn’t, then it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s why….

certi certi


And there’s no quicker or easier way to do that than watching this video with me and Jessica.

Put simply, men who use “dirty talk” get laid over and over again for as long as they want!

Men who don’t … are simply destined to let beautiful women “pass them by” and slip through their fingers for a lifetime.

Which would you rather be?


I wish I could have been able to buy this knowledge 20 years ago
for $19.00, when I was dating multiple women … and watching them
“get up and leave” unsatisfied after sex…


Both us feeling very unsatisfied. Never to hear from her again.

Think of all the time and money you spend getting laid. The nights of frustration. The amount of great women you’ve had in your bed but let slip away.

All because you didn’t know what to say… to make her feel dominated… loved, used up and fulfilled … which is what all women crave from a man.

And I know you’ll be glad once you begin using this
and begin having more sex using dirty talk.

Even better, if you aren’t convinced that SAY THIS : TALK DIRTY & TURN HER ON is the best investment you’ve made in your relationship this year….

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That way, you risk nothing.

more thing….

I’ve seen too many men LOSE their girlfriend (and their wives) because they’re way too “clean” in their speech during bed.

You must remember: Women are EMOTIONAL creatures. You’ve probably heard this before...

… They need spikes of emotion to feel fulfilled and satisfied in bed.

And that’s why I’m telling you with all sincerity, if you DON’T take the time to at least
master the BASICS of using dirty talk in bed by listening to what Jessica has to say…

There is a very small chance you’re ever going to do anything about it in the future.

“Which means you’re just going to end up TRAPPED having humdrum, boring, underwhelming-sex… for the rest of your life!”

Unless, you take action right now.

Because here’s the harsh truth, every single woman you’ve ever slept with…


blucpl blucpl

But you’ve missed out on all that great sex so far
all because you didn’t know how to use Dirty Talk.


Because from this day forward, I’m going to make sure you know EXACTLY what to say, to bring out the inner sexual beast inside every single girl you ever sleep with from here on out.

And it all begins the moment you start watching to this program.

So what are you waiting for?
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Bobby Rio & Jessica J

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