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  • YES! I want to get The Complete Magnetic Messaging System! and begin turning more phone numbers into dates and sex using the Key Lock Sequence. I understand that the Magnetic Messaging System is backed by a full 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and if I'm unhappy with it for any reason I can simply shoot you an email within 60 Days for a full refund, no questions asked. I also understand that my FREE download of the best selling eBook Magnetic Messaging and bonuses are mine to keep even if I decide not to keep the Magnetic Messaging System.
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What Is Our Guarantee?

Our guarantee is simple.. If the Key Lock Sequence doesn't' lead to more success with women, and you're not going and out on more dates, and getting more women back to your bedroom- I want you to ask me for a full refund. I only ask that you go through the entire course, apply the techniques, do the exercises and revisit the material regularly for the first month. If you still don't see massive results by then ask for a full refund and you'll get it within 3 -4 business days with no questions asked.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit or Bank Cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo on them. And of course we accept PayPal.

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Your credit card statement will simply say CLICKBANK*Com

How Soon Will I Get Access to the Program?

You will have instant access to the program. This means five minutes from now you can be flipping through the book and using the texts. You will have the entire 99 Best Texts of all Time at your fingertips.

Got Questions?

Let's hear them! If you have any questions about The Magnetic Messaging System ordering or even questions about the program please send them to support [at] magneticmessaging.com. We will be happy to answer anything you want to know..

"Alright Bobby, I got your program and it really works! I went on a date with a very beautiful Goth chic I # closed at the Marylyn Manson concert last week. I literally put 0 effort into this, just referred back to your book and followed it step by step. Amazing."

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"Wow. I must say, this is the stuff I've been looking for. I've honestly NEVER seen a book that goes in so much detail into text game."

Patrick from Iowa

Customer Stories:

"I am incredibly happy with the book, amazed that my first text went over so well. I didn't need to copy what you said, but just use the tools. Thanks so much!"

"I appreciate your work. I'm an old school guy who recently got back in the dating game after basically 26 years of marriage (two wives). I was lacking in confidence and needed some reassurance/update on what works. Your program was a Godsend. Thanks again"
- Johnny T from Australia

"It's awesome. I have been working on this girl at work for a month. I asked her out 2 or 3 times already and not full out rejection but denied. Within two hours of reading your book I three stepped my way into a date tomorrow."

"You're Infatuation Formula is great. I used the magnetic messaging techniques to get the date then the Infatuation Formula to get her to fall for me. "
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"Of all the materials out there and out of everything I bought so far I found the Infatuation program to be the best, after being married for 19 yrs and divorced since 2009 I've been somewhat struggling being single again. Your Infatuation formula was exactly what I needed and I studied it all very thoroughly and started applying it with a lady I dated a year & half